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Starter Specification for Precast Concrete Box Culverts

  • Loading: HS20-44
  • Design Specifications: AASHTO standard specifications for highway bridges, 1996 edition with addenda.
  • All precast reinforced concrete box culverts shall conform to the latest edition of ASTM C 1433 or ASTM C 1577. Details not conforming to these standards shall be submitted for approval along with design calculations using "Boxcar" or other approved design program. The designs shall be prepared and stamped by a Professional Engineer licensed and in good standing for which the project is located.
  • Joints for precast sections shall be tongue and groove type and shall be sealed with mastic or sand/cement grout.
  • Lifting holes shall be filled with concrete plug after the box sections are in place.
  • End sections for precast units shall be cast-in-place in accordance with plan details. Cost to be included in linear foot cost of precast culvert. Wingwalls can be cast-in-place or precast units. Curbs shall 12" wide for fill heights less than 18 inches. Rebar dowls are permitted into the top of the box culvert as a suitable connection either epoxy or cast in place. For fill heights greater than 18 inches, use a 1'-9" curb width.
  • Joint sealant and primer shall be included in the cost per linear foot of box culvert.
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