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Box Culvert

Box culvert is seldom seen but often used by anyone who utilizes modern transportation systems. This website is designed end to end as an information source for precast concrete box culvert. The information is not for any one specific group of people. The intent is to put the best and latest information regarding precast concrete box culvert at the fingertips of a producer who would like to know how to produce precast concrete box culvert all the way to an engineer who wants to know what uses box culvert could have for current or future problems and every reason in between.

Box culvert design, manufacture, and specifying will be discussed. It is very important for everyone involved with precast concrete box culvert to understand all aspects of box culvert to promote, produce, and educate box culvert. Educating the engineer, specifier, manufacturer, and customer have to all be addressed for a project to become successful.

Box culvert manufacturing should take place in a precast concrete manufacturing facility that is
NPCA certified and in good standing. The National Precast Concrete Association is the recognized leader in precast concrete manufacturing in North America. The NPCA certifies plants with annual unannounced inspections each year and certify's that good precast concrete manufacturing processes are in place. Three-fifths of Department of Transportation's around the United States require the NPCA Plant Certification for all projects that have precast concrete products.

If you are a precast concrete manufacturer, choose to enter the NPCA plant certification program. If you are an engineer, specifier, or end user of precast concrete box culvert please specify an "NPCA Certified Plant" as a requirement for supplying box culvert for your project.

If you plan on specifying box culvert, this informative white paper is a MUST read. This paper outlines the benefits of obtaining box culvert from an NPCA Certified Plant.

The content on this website is maintained by leading industry professionals in the precast concrete products industry. We encourage you to explore the site in-depth and keep checking back as the site grows and continues to lead in information regarding box culvert.
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