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Box Culvert Manufacturing

When manufacturing precast concrete box culvert there are many things to consider. Because of space and time, only the major topics in general will be discussed. If you would like to see a more in-depth article of something that is not covered below please feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

Box culvert manufacturing should take place in a precast concrete manufacturing facility that is NPCA certified and in good standing. The National Precast Concrete Association is the recognized leader in precast concrete manufacturing in North America. The NPCA certifies plants with annual unannounced inspections each year and certify's that good precast concrete manufacturing processes are in place.

Sizing the utility anchor best practice
One of the first and most important attributes to calculate is the lifting utility anchor you will use to lift the box culvert. Sizing the utility anchor can be tricky if you are not familiar with lifting anchors.

Quality concrete is important in the manufacturing and performance of the box culvert. Since the concrete is exposed to the weather and normally running water it is important that a high strength, well proportioned mix design be utilized. [More]

Steel reinforcement
Each precast concrete box culvert has different loads associated depending on site conditions and use. The burial depth and loadings can create a need for greater reinforcing and is the reason why a licensed professional engineer should design. [More]

NPCA Plant Certification
The manufacturing industry trend for more than a decade places primary emphasis on a registered, independently monitored quality program. [More]

Form equipment
Box culvert manufacturing relies on the use of good forming equipment. Forming equipment comes in different styles and no one forming system is better than another. What is important, is the forming system used works well for the manufacturer and produces quality box culvert. [More]

Manufacturing Box Culvert
It is important that box culverts be manufactured with high degrees of quality and uniformity. This requires the use of uniform, documented, controlled processes throughout manufacturing. A precast concrete plant offers the highest probability of producing box culvert that meets and/or exceeds the project requirements. There are many methods to manufacture a box culvert and in the video below, you will find one of several methods. [More]